Entrepreneurship Support Organization (ESO)

Innovation SL Ltd (InnoSL) is an Entrepreneurship Support Organization and an Innovation & Technology Management company established in January 2017. We own the Freetown Pitch Night, Innovations Axis Ltd, the Freetown Innovation Week and are the Global Entrepreneurship Network affiliate in Sierra Leone.

Building a movement of Sierra Leonean changemakers

Innovation SL (InnoSL) is set up for the purposes of impacting Sierra Leone’s entrepreneurship and Innovation ecosystem by identifying and implementing effective programs, initiatives, projects and policies that foster and support Sierra Leone’s entrepreneurs and Innovation ecosystem.
We believe Entrepreneurship is a key source of economic diversification, job creation and business development; hence, it is pivotal to attract the young and educated to become entrepreneurs.

We are stand out because of our drive

Using Our Expertise and Resources to Create Positive Change

An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem where Sierra Leone’s largest companies, academic institutions, MDAs and development partners interact with ambitious entrepreneurs hungry for success; with talented individuals, graduates and alumni of entrepreneurial organizations providing a strong source of ‘cultural and intellectual capital’. All fueled by highly networked and experienced mentoring and capital supported by our incubator and accelerator.

Enabling Sierra Leone’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem to source & develop impact start-ups and scale-ups, to contribute towards the development of ‘a better and more sustainable future’ for all Sierra Leoneans.



Innovation SL’s Incubation Portfolio focuses on supporting startups through networking, mentorship, and specialized training initiatives covering entrepreneurship, business administration, and industry-specific skills essential for entrepreneurial success.


We specialize in accelerating SME growth through customized programs, strategic guidance, and a network of industry experts, empowering SMEs to achieve rapid and sustainable success in the dynamic business landscape.


The Data Portfolio is essential for extracting actionable insights, facilitating decision-making, and ensuring robust data governance. It encompasses information on data quality, governance, and the impact of data-driven initiatives.


We design, implement, and manage research projects with a dedicated focus on entrepreneurship development in Sierra Leone. Our collaborative efforts with a team of skilled researchers, data collectors, and analysts are geared toward producing high-quality research reports and briefs. 


We are a pioneering digital services provider, equipping entrepreneurs with cutting-edge technological solutions and digital strategies tailored to amplify their business presence, efficiency, and success in the dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem.


We are a multifaceted organization offering diverse platform services, including a Powerful Business Diagnostic tool, empowering entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the entrepreneurial community; a Crowdfunding platform; a Startup magazine,  Entrepreneurship  educational resources, Agricultural support,  E-commerce solutions.


We specialize in managing and executing innovative projects for entrepreneurs, offering end-to-end solutions and strategic guidance to bring entrepreneurial visions to life within the ecosystem.


We are dedicated to building and nurturing a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing strategic support, connections, and resources to foster collaboration and success for entrepreneurs within the ecosystem.

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