Officially Registered

Officially Registered

Innovation (SL) was officially registered in Freetown on January 24th 2017.

We are in the process of securing new office building to be known as InnoSL House.

Innosl House is a combined incubator and accelerator facility set up in Freetown to meet the unique demands of high growth, technology oriented early start phase entrepreneurs. The demands of these companies are speed to market; synergy and networking; strategic cohesiveness and technology transfer and internalization at an early stage.

Experienced in-house consultants are available to assist with multiple needs from design and marketing strategy, business development, recruitment and leadership coaching. The culture is one where ideas and projects are born, fostered and nurtured and allowed to grown and stand firmly on their own.

The accelerator facility is geared to clean (environmentally sound technologies), Renewable, Waste Management, Smart energy companies, FinTech and Tech Agri Business.

Our accelerator model is an integrated consulting service (company vision, Innovation and Financing) which is design to create a world class company.

More information will follow. If you wish more information, you can send an email to