Competition open from May 22nd to July 31st 2017. To take part apply here  http://facagro.com/

Future Agro Challenge (FAC) is the leading global competition that discovers innovative fundable food, agtech, and agriculture ventures addressing solutions from farm to fork. FAC provides key tools and opportunities to help them grow their business and expand them into new markets. FAC is working to make a difference on a global level by increasing interaction amongst farmers, agripreneurs, investors, private and public stakeholders to enhance the agricultural revolution underway.


FAC culminates every year with the Global Agripreneurs Summit, where the most promising ideas and ventures on an international level are selected to compete for the title “Agripreneur of the Year”.

As a Sierra Leonean startup/company this is your opportunity represent your company and your country at the Global Agriprenuers Summit.

By taking part in FAC you empower ideas and ventures, create partnerships worldwide, win over potential clients and investors, gain mentorship from industry leaders, receive recognition in international media, and interact with innovators from around the world.

To take part in the competition apply here  http://facagro.com/

The Aim of the Future Agro are to

  • Unlocking new and natural capabilities from farm to fork to feed the growing population without putting strain on earth soils, oceans, or human & animal health
  • Increase awareness of productivity and sustainability challenges facing different regions around the world
  • Build international support systems for agripreneurs to accelerate innovation
  • Offer equal opportunity to visionaries addressing food and agriculture in all
  • parts of the world
  • Facilitate cross-collaboration amongst sectors
  • Advance the contribution of agriculture to the global economic GDP
  • Promote new agricultural innovations and enable farmers to utilize them
  • Inspire the youth to explore entrepreneurial opportunities in agriculture
  • Increase the percentage of female entrepreneurship through food and Agriculture

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