Sierra Leone Brewery and GEN Sierra Leone Partnership

Mutzig-A Taste of Success

Mutzig and Global Entrepreneurs Network Sierra Leone have formed a partnership to support the new breed of entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone through monthly event called “Freetown Pitch Night”

The Freetown Pitch Night is a platform that builds, nurtures and provides opportunities to a new breed of entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone. The partnership will therefore ensure that the benefits of this platform is communicated to a wider audience locally and internationally.

The partnership will also help to expand Freetown Pitch Night beyond Freetown.
The brand Mutzig will be an essential part and a collaborative partner of this platform; a platform that will showcase amazing and innovative ideas with global potential. Mutzig – “a Taste of Success neatly fits into such a platform”

As a result of this partnership, Freetown Pitch Night’s’ activities will be strengthened and therefore the empowerment of a new breed of entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone will be enhanced.

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