Palm oil processing for the small holder is a daunting task. Usually, the traditional practice involves using the feet to crush the sterilized fruits in an effort to rupture the oil bearing cells to maximise the oil recovery chances. The process is not only tedious but also compromises the hygiene. The drudgery has caused many farmers not to realise the full benefits of their investment in oil palm plantation.

My brothers and sisters in this great house, let me remind/inform you that our purpose at FINIC is to generate technologies that will enhance productivity in agro processing.

I am delighted to report to you that we have manufactured a manually operated palm oil press that is highly efficient and thus reduce the drudgery considerably.

The machine has been brand named MIPOKIT. “MIPOKIT” is a Creole phrase meaning “my pocket” as it is made to match the pocket of the small farm holder.

I will deliberately not state further about its operation and throughput as I want to encourage you to download and view the video attached. Also, take note that one of its positive attributes is its ease of mobility made possible by FINIC Technology.






Youth groups wishing to do business in the provision of processing services in the palm oil value chain will find this piece of technology very appropriate and affordable.

I am also very delighted to inform all that the most affordable and effective technology yet made in Sierra Leone for processing of palm oil for the small holder has been developed by FINIC. It will cost many folds lower than the one I am currently showcasing. It has been tested and field proven and now awaits protection. Soon after, it will be launched for marketing across the country. Please note that the machine I am referring to is not the one under showcasing which video is uploaded.

Whilst anticipating your queries, comments and suggestions, I would like to put FINIC at your disposal for any collaborative venture that will push our aspirations forward.

@ Foday Melvin Kamara
Member of the Order of the Rokel for Exemplary Engineering.

Tel: +232- 76- 601956