Understanding Innovation in Salone

On  Friday September 15th GEN SL (Freetown Pitch Night )was part of an event explore the status of innovation in Sierra Leone.

Five  Entrepreneurs presented their innovative solutions across the ecosystem in Sierra Leone.  A panel of judges provided feedback to each pitch with the aim of providing them with expert advice to steer the development of their ideas or ventures.

It was quite an exciting evening.  The special guests were;

Tavares Stratchen – from Isolated Lab is an award winning contemporary artist and designer whose multi-media installations investigate science, technology, mythology, history, and exploration.

David Moinina Sengeh – the Chief Innovation Officer for the Government of Sierra Leone is the former Research Manager and Research Scientist at IBM Research Lab in Nairobi, Kenya. His previous work focused on the design and deployment of healthcare technologies. His recent works include Artificial Intelligence, Data Science,  Software Development,  Software  Engineering and Data Visualisation.

The event was hosted at Sensi Tech Hub. Other GEN SL partners included Orange, Cordaid, Insight and Innovate SaLone

Understanding Innovation in Salone:

This event was designed to not only understand the players in the ecosystem but  to explore the intersection of technology, innovation and social impact ventures. By so doing, the event  informed participants about the complex relationships that are formed between actors or entities whose functional goal is to enable technology development and innovation.

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