Big Data, Internet of things(IOT), Artificial Intelligence(AI), are not your friend

Written by Mabel IroonSky Turay
Three days ago, I went to three remote villages. These villages are in the middle of nowhere, void of human pollution and civilization. We used motorbikes to get to the first village and had to walk through very narrow footpaths guided by dense forests to the other villages. The inquisitive, yet melodious chirps, the occasional caresses of the graceful green grass, glimpses of millipedes and centipedes going on about their business, random thoughts of anaconda snakes appearing from nowhere and bush people kidnapping us; it was a daring experience. The villagers were a warm and welcoming bunch. I was truly happy and excited, until it was nighttime and I was told we had to sleep over because it was unsafe to go back to the other village where we could possibly get a motorbike back to town.

Full Article Written by Mable IroonSky Turay

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