Salcab Incubation Program- Concludes

The Salcab Start up Series incubation started on July 8th, 2019 . According to Salcab, “The SALCAB Start-up series stems from our belief in entrepreneurship and innovation. We have therefore designed a platform to sell the human capital of Sierra Leone and prove to the world that Sierra Leone is more than just wars, famine and poverty or that business in Sierra Leone only revolves around the buying and selling of natural resources.

The start-up series will be a launch pad for innovators and entrepreneurs, provide seed capital for cohorts, coaching and mentoring programs, incubation and business model development, and the right network environment to drive ideation to scalability”.

Against this background, Innovation SL Ltd provided the Incubation/Acceleration Program to the top-three start-ups. The objective of the Incubation/Acceleration Program is to develop and build the capacity of the entrepreneur to create value and impact. The most important impact metrics are

  1. A Job Creation
  2. Positive impact on the environment
  3. Social and Financial Inclusion
  4. Gender and Youth Empowerment

The top-three start-ups from the Salcab Start Up Series I where admitted into the incubation program. The duration for the Incubation/Acceleration was 12 weeks.  The program was shorter version of the Innovation SL 6 months program

The Salcab Start up Series incubation started on July 8th, 2019 with an introduction to the Business Model Canvass. Each of the Start-up then worked on their individual canvass. On Friday, July 12th an outside expert was brought in to review each of the canvass.

The full report is available upon request to


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