Start up Product Development

Our Process for Startup Product Development

Workshop & Ideation

If you have a digital product in mind, we are here to help you build the application that will bring value to your users. In Workshop & Ideation Stage, we discuss the project idea with potential clients, identify risks, understand requirements and create a development plan. After attending the workshop, you will be able to explain your product and identify its value proposition.

MVP Development & Launch

After the workshop stage, we will have user stories required to develop a fully functional version of the application. The development team creates a stripped-down MVP (Low fidelity) to showcase the functionality of the application for early adopters and investors. We build an MVP with basic features to identify market fit and analyze if it can fit market requirements. Based on the feedback received from early adopters or investors, software architecture is updated with new modifications. 

Product Development

A product roadmap is defined based on the MVP feedback analysis. We develop mobile and web apps using an agile development approach. Our developers partners can also migrate your existing application to a new operating environment.

Digital Transformation

We can transform your startup idea into a real digital solution that leverages emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, IoT, cloud, web and mobile apps. Our goal is to transform your business in a way that it helps boost your revenue and improve user base. 

  • Sectors we focus on are
  • -Agtech
  • – Fintech
  • -Ecommerce
  • -Web Applications
  • -Mobile Apps

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