Ecosystem Growing

Exciting developments in the Ecosystem. Last Friday, 19.02.2021 The Innovation Hub Space was opened at the Fourah Bay College.This is an exciting addition to the ecosystem. I have always maintained that we need an Incubator / Hub at the FBC- far too many ideas where not been commercialized. In fact, two years ago, Eng Trude Morgan started a conversation with us on just this.

At that same time ,I was privileged to work with two engineering students on their start up idea; I was privileged to have been given a role by Track Your Build when they organised a first of its kind conference on engineering. Part of the conference saw engineering students pitched their ideas to a group of judges. We led the process with pitch training.

Its thus very exciting to see the establishment of the Hub with the leadership of folks like Rowland Gordon, Trudy Morgan, Geogette Green etc. The Innovation Hub is sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK. The Innovation Hub Space, itself is located at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, 2nd Floor “Make it Happen” Building.

Francis Stevens George.

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