The Turtle Team of Budapest-Bamako 2022 is pleased to meet you!

We are the Turtle Team!

We are 2 friends, Geraldine and Estelle, taking the opportunity of riding the Budapest-Bamako Rally 2022 to raise awareness and funds for Sierra Leonean entrepreneurs.
Check out our fundraising page:

Why would you call your team ‘Turtle’ for a rally?

Because turtles are brave and persistent…
Because Turtle Islands are an amazing place! That stayed in Geraldine’s mind since she came to Sierra
Because it’s funny to call yourself Turtle when you enter a rally!
It’s releasing all pressure because going relaxed is the best way to achieve!
Because in the fable ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’ from Jean De La Fontaine, the turtle wins at the end!
Slow and steady wins the race;)
Because it’s just the first name that popped into our minds when we discussed it – probably a beautiful
memory already shared together!

Our Impact Project

Entrepreneurship is in our blood.
Sierra Leone is in our heart.
Sierra Leone faces challenges to develop and create sustainable growth. We are convinced development
can only happen thanks to a strong local and national private sector! In particular, the development of
It therefore came naturally that we wanted to support entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone.
How do we do that?
We created a partnership with Innovation SL and the Global Entrepreneurship Network, SL (GEN).
For every penny we collect to finance our race, we give a penny to Innovation SL and GEN SL to support
start ups in Sierra Leone.

Check out our fundraising page:

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