Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022-14th November -18th November 2022

Sierra Leone joins the world in celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022 which is a massive campaign marked to celebrate and empower entrepreneurs around the world. The event is geared towards empowering individuals who face structural barriers and may have considered the idea of launching their own startup. Each November, 10 million people take part in tens of thousands of activities, competitions and events that inspire them to act and provide them with the knowledge, experience and connections they need to succeed.

We will be organizing three events this year:

  1. The state of the Ecosystem: The Enabling Environment
  2. Dare 2 Aspire: Women in Entrepreneurship
  3. The Green Economy-Sustainable Fashion

The State of the Ecosystem: The Enabling Environment- The enabling environment discussion will be an opportunity for the Sierra Leone entrepreneurial community to deliberate on the challenges the ecosystem is facing and how policymakers, regulators, International Organizations, NGOs, development programs are addressing these challenges entrepreneurs face in starting and growing their businesses from an enabling environment perspective. Entrepreneurs will get to know and understand the work of these institutions to support entrepreneurs; policies, structures, finance, frameworks, and other aspects of the enabling component of the ecosystem.

Dare 2 Aspire: The aim of this event is to inspire future female entrepreneurs, innovative thinkers and potential investors by putting together a panel of women who are successful entrepreneurs, experienced investors, community development leaders, or corporate partners who support entrepreneurship.

Sustainable Fashion: The show will highlight the benefits of sustainable fashion both to Sierra Leone’s economy and to the environment. The fashion show will promote the work of  Sierra Leonean manufacturers of local textiles, and designers that are promoting sustainability in fashion, skills development, materials, supply chain and CSR in Sierra Leone.

The show will showcase and promote the exceptional work achieved by students of Bluecrest studying courses in textile design, product design and fashion.

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