Innovation SL Ignites Young Minds at Kiddies Career Fair, Promoting STEM and Renewable Energy Enthusiasm

Narnia Kiddies Career Fair Event

Innovation SL(Represented by Hassanatu Jalloh and Francess Beresford-Renner) had the exciting opportunity to participate in the recent kiddies career fair organized by Narnia Educational Group at the beautiful Aqua Sports Club. The theme of the event revolved around creating safe learning Spaces in STEM and renewable energy, further emphasizing the importance of innovation and sustainability in today’s world. Children of all ages gathered to witness the wonders of science and technology as various organizations, including DSTI, UNICEF, Freetown Reunion, DJ Mose Academy, and Innovation SL, showcased their remarkable work. 

Among the talented innovators present at the fair, Innovation SL truly shined with its impressive booth featuring three exceptional individuals from its cohort. James Samba, the passionate mind behind Sierra Electric, exhibited his revolutionary solar-powered electric cars, captivating the young audience with the possibility of clean energy vehicles.

Oswald Dundas from Oswald Tech Company mesmerized the crowd with his innovative saltwater solution for renewable energy, showcasing a unique way to harness natural resources for sustainability. Arnold Caulker, the visionary founder of Arnold Renewable Energy, astounded everyone with his demonstration of a solar-powered generator, proving that renewable energy is indeed the way of the future.

The children were enthralled and eager to learn more, surrounding the Innovation SL booth with countless questions and boundless curiosity. The interactive engagement between the young minds and these pioneering inventors sparked a sense of wonder and inspiration, planting the seeds of enthusiasm for science and technology in the hearts of the next generation.

As the day drew to a close, the kids departed the fair brimming with newfound ideas and enthusiasm, inspired by the groundbreaking technologies and stellar inventions they encountered. Innovation SL played a crucial role in not only facilitating the showcase of these cutting-edge technologies but also in nurturing a deep-rooted passion for STEM and renewable energy among the budding minds who will undoubtedly shape the future of innovation and sustainability.

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