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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017

Global Entrepreneurship Week will be officially celebrated in Sierra Leone for the first time, from November 13 to November 17, 2017. The one week program aims to promote GEN SL, raise awareness of value creating entrepreneurship, and celebrate entrepreneurship.

We have secured as communication partner the AYV TV station. This is the most popular TV station in the country.

We will take part in two radio and two TV programs to discuss the importance of building an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurship.

We have two co -host, Sensi Tech Hub and Limkokwing University.

Our co-host, Sensi Tech Hub is building a technology innovation community in Sierra Leone that will drive economic and social development through providing an open and stimulating community hub for young technologists and entrepreneurs to come together, develop their ideas and access cutting-edge tech, events, incubation programmes and training.

Most of the GEW 2017 events will be held at Sensi Tech Hub.


Our co-host, the Sierra Leone chapter of the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. Limkokwing University of Creative Technology is an international University with a global presence across Asia, Africa and Europe. Founded in 1991, the University has established worldwide recognition through its innovative brand of creative education merging the best of East and West learning.

As Co-host, Limkokwing Sierra Leone will host the finals of the GEW 2017 Freetown Pitch Competition. This is the main event of the GEW Sierra Leone 2017 celebrations.

The finals will see a winner emerged as the GEW Sierra Leone 2017 Entrepreneur. The winner will get a paid to the Global Entrepreneurship Congress.

The week will take place in just two locations in the country:

  • Freetown- the capital city
  • Makeni- at the University of Makeni

With 10 events, GEW will focus on 4 themes: entrepreneurial culture, entrepreneurial education, digital technology and innovation, and social entrepreneurship. We expect a total of 400 attendants throughout the week. Media coverage will be available for all events.

Global Entrepreneurship Week Sierra Leone 2017, will highlight:

  • GEN Global and its programs for Sierra Leone
  • The importance of Value creating Entrepreneurship
  • Looking for Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Start-up strategy- in partnership with Cordaid Business Clinics
  • Incentives and facilities offered to start-ups

The main highlight of the week, is the Freetown Pitch Competition. The preliminaries will be held from Monday 13th to Wednesday 15th, with the finals on Thursday 16th. This event will feature some of the most innovative start-ups in Sierra Leone.

We expect to have 300 guests at the finals on November 16th . Half of these will be students, while the others are mix of members of the diplomatic community, donor agencies, Government, Members of Parliament and Corporate leaders

The Pitch Competition is in partnership with our main partners, Cordaid and Sensi Tech Hub.

Our main sponsors for the event is Mutzig, Africell and Innovation SL.

In addition to the Pitch Competition, we will have one of the most prominent entrepreneur in Sierra Leonean, Melvin Foday Kamara to share his story.

The “Looking for Entrepreneurial Opportunities” will target upper high school student and nascent entrepreneurs. Among the students are 25 invited secondary school girls.

A workshop on “Start-up strategy- Problem Definition and Mapping your Value Proposition” will conducted by GEN SL, Innovation SL and Cordaid.

One event will feature how Innovation is changing and the opportunities open to entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone.

During the week attendants will be able to:

  • Learn about GEN and its programs
  • Meet and network with local start-ups and entrepreneurs
  • Learn how to spot Business Opportunities
  • Lean how to define a business problem and build a value proposition
  • Learn and share insights  to start and grow firms from one of the most successful Sierra Leonean  entrepreneur.
  • Meet with corporate leaders to build relationships
  • Meet with Donor agencies supporting Entrepreneurship activities in Sierra Leone
  • Have valuable information from leaders in the field on the key elements of ecosystems that encourage business growth and promote innovation.
  • Contribute to the construction of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Sierra Leone

Leading the events is GEN Sierra Leone and Innovation Sierra Leone. We have solid co-hosts and implementation partners.

The main sponsor for GEW Sierra Leone 2017 is Mutzig.

For partnership, sponsorship and speaking opportunities, please contact Tanneh Kumba Koroma at

Mutzig-A Taste of Success

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017

Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.

During one week each November, GEW inspires people everywhere through local, national and global activities designed to help them take the next step in their entrepreneurial journey. These activities, from large-scale competitions and events to intimate networking gatherings, connect participants to potential collaborators, mentors and even investors—introducing them to new possibilities and exciting opportunities.

GEW 2017

This year not only marks the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, but will the first time it is officially celebrated in Sierra Leone.

GEN Sierra Leone and Innovation SL are the National host for the Global Entrepreneurship Week(GEW). As National Host we are responsible for organising and managing events during the GEW. Our main role is to serve as the main coordinating entity for Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The objectives of GEW are;

Introduce the notion of entrepreneurial behavior to as many people who otherwise might not have considered it as a path in their life.

Network people across national boundaries in a global effort to find new ideas at the intersection of cultures & disciplines.

Enlist active and inspirational innovators around the world to coach and mentor the next generation as they pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Demonstrate to opinion leaders and policymakers that entrepreneurship is central to a nation’s economic health and culture and to provide different nations with the opportunity to learn from each other on entrepreneurial policy and practice.

Learn more about GEW SL 2017 activities

Foday Melvin Kamara- GEW SL 2017 Speaker

Mr Foday Melvin Kamara is one of the most formidable entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone.

He started his business 20 years ago, with an investment of less than $100 (£63) which he had saved while in Germany. His company, Fomel Industry and National Industrialisation Centre (FINIC), is now worth more than $1m.

Mr. Kamara is an brilliant designer and innovator. He has turned old car parts into agro-processing equipment, which has been a great benefits to farmers.

Through the birth of Fomel Industry and National industrialization centre (FINIC) and characterised with strong leadership led to the research and development of a dehydrator that would dehydrate a wide range of agricultural produce including cacao, cassava chips, cassava flour, ginger, onions mango chips, pepper, rice flour etc.

This equipment uses biomass (wood, agricultural waste, cacao pods and cassava peels) as fuel to generate the heat required – this means that this equipment has less environmental impact and energy efficient.

Among many, this locally made machine has no steam components which makes it very safe and perfect for rural operations.

FINIC has being a landmark in agricultural production in Sierra Leone with its food processing department now fully utilizing the dryer to produce rice porridge for sale to the general public. Other produce are our home grown cacao that is soon set to hit the market.

Added to this, Foday Melvin Kamara and team also rides high in skills development and training. Each year FINIC enrols 30 persons for a three year training programme in industrial mechanics which is a course designed to impart skills in the design and construction of machine systems, jigs and welding operations as he believes in human resource development for sustainable growth in an economy.

Since the establishment of this venture in 1997, Foday Melvin Kamara and team have recorded several successes.

In 2010 Foday Melvin Kamara won a national competition for the design of energy efficient system organised by the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce which led him to participate in an international competition organised by ECOWAS in Ivory Coast and earned him a certificate issued and signed by the then president of ECOWAS.

In 2011, Foday Melvin Kamara was conferred the Honour by His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma for exemplary entrepreneurship in Engineering.

GEN SL is honoured and please to have Mr. Melvin Foday Kamara to be one of key speakers during the first Global Entrepreneurship Week in Sierra Leone. More