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Meet OS Hub – Your Virtual Workspace.
OS Hub is designed to provide you with all the tools and resources you need to remotely work from anywhere.
Easily communicate and collaborate with your co-workers, network with other entrepreneurs, sell your products and services, get access to top-notch resources to improve your venture… It just keeps getting better.
Do you know what makes OS Hub AWESOME? It’s absolutely FREE, no hidden fee, nothing at all.

At Open Space our software are priceless, and they are built for freedom.
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During this new reality (COVID19), there is a famous advice almost everyone on earth is giving each other (Please stay at home, work from home). Speaking of which is the best advice anyone can give you at the moment on planet earth.

Businesses around the world are now using SAAS (Software as a Service) platforms to manage their businesses now than ever.
This is amazing, but honestly, how many of us have asked ourselves this question: Who or which businesses can afford these platforms?

In a quest for the best SAAS platform to let businesses communicate and collaborate to their staffs, project management platform, file storage platform, event management platform, the list keeps going on.

Knowing that there are a series of platforms out there that provides one or two of these services, the question is which one can provide if not all but the most needed of these services.

I know by now you might be thinking, yeah it’s a bit stressful to switch between platforms to achieve one business goal. However, have you thought about those businesses that cannot afford a single SAAS platform?

Youth-led Enterprises, local businesses, self-employed/single business people etc. This set of group is the least likely to use those platforms because they are expensive and complicated to use.

I know this because I’m one of them, working from home might be a new reality for most but not us. That is why (Open Space) have developed a Virtual Workspace (OS Hub) to help anyone to work from anywhere at any time. The idea is not just to help businesses pass time while we hope and pray for this COVID19 to end, but to provide Enterprises that can’t afford to have a physical workspace in their initial stage, to help them with a platform that let their teamwork virtually from anywhere.

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