The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) is an internationally known entrepreneurship support coalition. GEN Global seeks to enhance its ability to foster and support entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone. Dedicated to advancing human welfare by propelling entrepreneurs, GEN Global’s identifying marks are recognized and respected across the globe.  GEN Sierra Leone’s mission is to galvanize, organize, support and energize a vibrant ecosystem that will support the growth of entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone. GEN aims to give every potential entrepreneur in Sierra Leone the opportunity to start a business, and to help established entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

GEN Sierra Leone is an independent, run by Innovation SL Ltd, that is recognized by GEN Global as its affiliate in Sierra Leone and is organized for the purposes of impacting Sierra Leone’s entrepreneurship ecosystem by identifying and implementing effective programs, initiatives, and policies that foster and support Sierra Leone’s entrepreneurs. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Expanding the number of Sierra Leoneans who start new growth-oriented firms or work for startups by fully legitimizing entrepreneurs in the culture;
  • Increasing understanding between the new and traditional elements of Sierra Leone’s economy through the constructive engagement of broad-based coalitions of public and private sector leaders in supporting smart, evidence-based programs and public policies that strengthen the ecosystem;
  • Supporting the emergence of Sierra Leone’s entrepreneurs by translating state-of-the-art research findings into viable policy action, implementing world-class programs, and curating connections to international networks; and
  • Providing and facilitating, inter alia, education, information exchange, and collaboration on GEN Global and other advanced programs and initiatives at the local level.

GEN Global grants to GEN Sierra Leone and Innovation SL Ltd the charter to be an Affiliate of GEN Global.  In accordance therewith, GEN Sierra Leone and Innovation SL Ltd is authorized to use the name “Global Entrepreneurship Network,” the Global Entrepreneurship Network, acronym “GEN,” and logo of Global Entrepreneurship Network in or in connection with GEN Sierra Leone and Innovation SL Ltd’s name, acronym and logo, with the authority to use such marks in connection with GEN Sierra Leone and Innovation SL Ltd activities.

GEN Global specifically authorizes GEN Sierra Leone and Innovation SL Ltd to conduct the following activities within Sierra Leone under the GEN brand: fostering and rendering assistance to entrepreneurs, providing an accessible source of information pertaining to entrepreneurship; advocating for the development programs and policies that foster and support entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone; form and enter into partnerships and agreements  with companies/organisations/donors/city government/authorities, representatives of Foreign Governments in Sierra Leone and such other activities as may be consistent with the mission and purposes of GEN Sierra Leone.

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