Innovation SL 

  • Francis Stevens George: Founder, CEO /Managing Director
  • Sheka Forna, Non Executive Director
  • Foday Kamara, Associate Director
  • Mabel Iroon Sky Turay, Technical Advisers, Competitions
  • Hassanatu Jalloh, Trainee Manager
  • Marian Adama Bangura, CF Platform Lead Support
  • Agnes Titty Koroman, CF Platform Support, Intern
  • George Franklyn Williams, Projects Management-(SLEDP PM Team)
  • Samuel Kamara, IT and Systems Support
  • Fanta Lomax, Intern
  • Aminata Sal Kamara, Intern
  • Fatmata Turay, Intern
  • Mark Jumu, Consultant, front end development


  • Francis Stevens George- Project Manager
  • Mimi Mugo- Team Leader
  • Foday Kamara, Deputy Team Leader
  • Samuel Joe Yilla, Business and Data Analyst, SLEDP PM Team
  • Hassanatu Jalloh, Support
  • George Franklyn Williams, Asst Manager
  • Aminata Sal Kamara, Operational Support Lead

Freetown Pitch Night (www.

  • Emil Fanday , Host
  • Hassanatu Jalloh  Project Manager
  • Mabel Turay, Technical Adviser


  • Francis Stevens George,  MD
  • Sheka Forna, GEN SL Chairman
  • Mabel Iroon Sky Turay, Programs Manager- GEW, EWC

GEN SL Advisory Board (2018-2021)

  • Sheka Forna, Chair
  • Yvonne Wolf
  • Hamza Hashim
  • Mabel Iroon Sky Turay
  • Emily Fanday
  • Ram Shankerdas
  • Peter Lansana, University of Makeni







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