Our Platform Portfolio

Platforms Portfolio

Our platform Portfolio serves as a dynamic catalyst for startup growth, offering a comprehensive range of services, from networking and resource-sharing to funding access and educational initiatives. This vibrant ecosystem fosters innovation, collaboration, and resilience, creating a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to thrive and contribute to Sierra Leone's economic development.

List of Platforms

Innovation SL has strategically developed 'platforms' designed to establish technological ecosystems, connecting diverse participants for interactive transactions and value creation. These platforms play a pivotal role in facilitating exchanges of goods, services, information, and experiences, demonstrating their growing significance in modern business models and their disruptive potential in traditional industries.

Inno SL Crowdfunder

 Enabling Access to Finance for Innovators and Entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone.

Startup Leone

A pioneering online magazine for Starups and entrepreneurs in the ecosystem.

Inno SL Digital

Inno SL Digital offers a diagnostic tool providing startups, entrepreneurs, and SMEs with comprehensive feedback and evaluation to enhance their ideas and businesses.

Our Mission

Anchored in a commitment to building a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem, our diverse platform offerings are tailored to empower businesses and drive positive change.

Join us in shaping the future of entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone. Our platform portfolio is not just a collection of services; it's a vibrant ecosystem where ideas flourish, collaborations thrive, and startups soar to new heights.

More platforms will soon arrive, stay connected.
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