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Projects based on innovation and entrepreneurship focus on creating new and valuable solutions to address existing problems or fulfill unmet needs in the market. These projects typically involve a blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and business acumen to develop novel products, services, or processes.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Projects: Innovation and entrepreneurship projects involve the identification of opportunities for innovation within a specific industry or market. Entrepreneurs and innovators collaborate to develop groundbreaking ideas, technologies, or business models that can disrupt traditional norms and create competitive advantages. These projects often follow a structured approach, encompassing research, ideation, prototyping, testing, and commercialization. Listed below are few projects under the Innovation SL


Entrepreneurship has long been considered a primary driver of economic growth in society. With a grant from the World Bank, the Government of Sierra Leone launched in 2022, The Sierra Leone Economic Diversification Project.


Innovation SL/GEN SL partnered with SOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGE in late 2021 to support 25 entrepreneurs in pitch training and technical assistance through the SOS Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge.


2 friends, Geraldine and Estelle, taking the opportunity of riding the Budapest-Bamako Rally 2022 to raise awareness and funds for Sierra Leonean entrepreneurs.

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Maximizing technological innovation's impact necessitates a robust, sustainable business proposition aligned with present and future social and environmental needs

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Innovation SL stands as the bedrock for pioneering innovation and entrepreneurship projects, serving as a hub where opportunities are identified, groundbreaking ideas are nurtured, and disruptive technologies take shape. Our commitment to a structured approach, encompassing research, ideation, prototyping, testing, and commercialization, fuels a dynamic environment where entrepreneurial spirit thrives. Explore the transformative projects under Innovation SL and join us on the journey of shaping the future through innovation and entrepreneurship.

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