Research Portfolio

Engage in the design, implementation, and management of research projects focused on various development topics in Sierra Leone. Collaborate with a dedicated team of researchers, data collectors, and analysts to produce high-quality research reports and briefs that inform evidence-based decision-making and enhance the well-being of Sierra Leoneans.

These outputs aim to inform evidence-based decision-making and enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

By strategically focusing on topics relevant to entrepreneurship, our research portfolio is designed to contribute valuable insights that drive positive changes and improvements in the entrepreneurial landscape of Sierra Leone.

Our Mission & Vision

At the core of our endeavors lies a vision to pioneer transformative change in Sierra Leone. Through our comprehensive research portfolio, we envision a future where relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovation leads to sustainable development, empowerment, and an enhanced quality of life for all. Our mission is to meticulously design, implement, and manage diverse research initiatives, collaborating with a skilled team to provide invaluable insights. With unwavering determination, we strive to act as a catalyst for positive change, fostering social, economic, and environmental improvements in Sierra Leone.


We envision a Sierra Leone where our determined research brings positive changes. We aim for a future where entrepreneurs and SMEs overcome obstacles like access to finance, market entry barriers, regulations, and skill shortages. By conducting insightful market research, we empower entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of consumer needs and industry trends, enabling the development of effective business strategies. We envision a Sierra Leone where armed with this knowledge, entrepreneurs develop innovative strategies, positioning their products effectively. Our vision is to lead positive change by producing high-quality reports that empower stakeholders and contribute to significant social, economic, and environmental improvements, promoting sustained prosperity and progress.


Our mission is to lead impactful research initiatives addressing diverse developmental topics with unwavering determination. We focus on identifying and addressing challenges faced in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including access to finance, market entry barriers, regulatory hurdles, and skill shortages. We conduct market research to enhance entrepreneurs' understanding of consumer needs, industry trends, and competitors, enabling the development of effective business strategies. We also evaluate the effectiveness of support programs in fostering business development.

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