Save Your Startups: Using Policy to Kickstart the Post-Crisis Economy

Global economic crises often become extinction events for startups. The COVID-19 crisis has been no exception, and many startups across the globe remain perilously close to the edge of closing up shop. Young companies and founders remain on edge, knowing that things can change in their communities seemingly in an instant. Policymakers should be aware … Read moreSave Your Startups: Using Policy to Kickstart the Post-Crisis Economy

A Proud Day

Today is a very proud day for Innovation SL and Innovations Axis. When we started this journey, it was about one thing-creating systemic change in SL by supporting high growth and value creating entrepreneurs. We believed the best way to do this is by enabling an entrepreneurial ecosystem which is crucial to supporting growth entrepreneurs. … Read moreA Proud Day

Innovations Axis-Incubator, Accelerator and Coworking

Enabling the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem An impact focused Incubator and Accelerator combined with a Co-Working space and Networking Hub, Innovations Axis’ mission is to enable and empower entrepreneurs to solve problems with potential for disruption, impact and scale. With sister organisations GEN SL and Innovation SL, Innovations Axis forms a community harnessing the creativity, talents and … Read moreInnovations Axis-Incubator, Accelerator and Coworking