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Innovation SL positioning Sierra Leone on the Global Stage

Innovation SL on behalf of Orange SL is the proud organizing partner of the Orange Social Venture Prize (OSVP) in Sierra Leone. The OSVP is a competition that awards national and international prizes to new businesses that propose digital technology solutions. On the 27th of October 2022, Lifeblood – Joseph Koroma from Sierra Leone emerged […]

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What is the Orange Social Venture Prize(OSVP) Competition? The OSVP competition is part of Orange’s  innovation strategy and its Corporate Social  Responsibility Policy, aiming at  promoting Social  Innovation for development by  identifying, supporting  and promoting digital talents,  and instigators of change in Africa and Middle-East.   The competition awards an International grand prize to new

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OSVP 2021 Update

Dear Applicant, We are please to inform you that we have received your application and we are now processing these applications.Please note the next phases are as follow: 28.06- 12.07.2021 – First Selection Committee grading all 57 entries 13.07-16.07.2021-  Second Selection Committee to select 25 candidates to move to First Round 19.07-25.07.2021- First Round Judging (10 candidates out of 25 to make the

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