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The Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI) is a composite indicator of the health of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in a given country. The entrepreneurship ecosystem is the important factor here. I have written several pieces in this newspaper advocating for a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem in Sierra Leone. “Entrepreneurship is the answer to the vexing economic questions facing Africa…

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office chairs arranged in a circular formatiion

In July, I wrote a paper on why we need to build an entrepreneurial  ecosystem in Sierra Leone to support a new breed of entrepreneurs. In that paper I discussed rent seeking vs value creating entrepreneurship. I argued that we need to build an ecosystem in Sierra Leone that supports the value creating entrepreneurs. In…

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office chairs arranged in a circular formatiion

The question is why in 2017, we lack all the elements of an ecosystem that support entrepreneurship. An entrepreneurship ecosystem “refers to the elements – individuals, organizations or institutions – outside the individual entrepreneur that are conducive to, or inhibitive of, the choice of a person to become an entrepreneur, or the probabilities of his…

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